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100 trades challenge!

We are very glad to see how fast the Darb project is developing. The recently introduced Proof of Trade is already working and grants our users with DARB tokens for all transactions. But that’s not the end of surprises for this year. We have prepared a special challenge for all Darbians in which you can receive promotional codes as rewards.

Are you curious how to take part in the competition? It’s very easy. All you have to do is make transactions using our trading platform. Not only will you receive DARB Tokens (and a share of our daily revenue as their holder) but you will also become closer to winning the 100 Trades Challenge.

As the name suggests 100 Trades Challenge grants the first hundred users who made at least a hundred transactions with a special promo-codes for 0% transaction fees for a week. That’s right! If you manage to be one of those first hundred users you will not pay any transaction cost for a whole week.

Do not wait any longer - register or log-into your Darb account and start trading!

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