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Crypto Christmas Gifts for your friends and loved ones

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your favourite cryptocurrency enthusiast, or for a friend that vaguely knows that Bitcoin exists, cryptocurrency can be an excellent choice.
But don’t just take our word for it! Let’s take a look at different ideas for Crypto Christmas gifts.

Whose stocking will you stuff with crypto?

We all have those people in our lives who are difficult to buy a gift for. What do you get the girl who has everything? How about your dad or uncle, who never seems to want anything in particular. We know exactly how it ends up - getting some fancy socks every year, right?

The easy way out for many people is getting that difficult person a giftcard to a popular shop. It would allow them to buy whatever they want. Or you might consider stuffing that stocking with a lottery ticket (and hoping that it’s the winning one).

Both of those ideas are based around a simple fact - money can get you cool stuff. But what if you took those ideas and put a modern spin on them? Let’s forget about boring old school giftcards and get your friends, or loved ones, some cryptocurrency! It keeps the excitement and mystery of a lottery ticket, and spices it up with a vision of crypto millionaire.

The perfect gift for a cryptocurrency beginner

Cryptocurrency assets given to someone who is new to the blockchain-powered currencies can be a nice and thoughtful way of helping them try their hand in investing. The first transaction is done, now they can experiment, reallocate the assets and learn all about the different exchanges and tokens.

If you know someone who always wanted to get into cryptocurrency trading but was afraid to start - this might give them the push they need. In such a case, you might want to consider purchasing some stablecoins - this way the giftee can learn at their own pace without worrying about the market volatility. And you can always use this as an excuse to spend some extra time with them to go through the basics - after all a good gift has a way of bringing people together.

A gift of investment

Of course, your giftee can just treat the coins you get them like one would treat an actual giftcard, and spend it right away. There’s nothing wrong about that - it’s theirs now after all. But if they don’t know much about cryptocurrencies, you might want to explain to them that what you’re really giving them is an investment. The current value of many cryptocurrencies is lower than it was a couple of months ago - but the price can be expected to rise again. When that happens, your gift will be much better than a lottery ticket - the chances of “winning” and earning some extra money are actually much higher. One day the coins you will get this Christmas might end up being worth more than original first stocks of Coca-Cola. Think about it.

A gift for you and them

If you have decided that giving cryptocurrency as a gift is the way you want to go, we have some good news. Since here at Darb we love the holiday spirit, we are rewarding our users for sharing with their friends and loved ones. If you make a deposit (in fiat or crypto) and share it with someone, you will get a bonus from us - as much as 10% of your initial deposit!

Learn more: Darb’s Cryptocurrency Xmas Gift

Need something extra?

Of course, cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be a stand-alone gift. You might get it in addition to another gift. If your giftee is already a crypto-enthusiast, or if you’re trying to get them there, you can also think about some of these ideas in addition to cryptocurrency:

  • A hardware wallet — help them keep their assets safe;
  • PC components - CPU, graphics card, hard drive and other components can be helpful when mining or setting up their own blockchain;
  • Crypto-related books - knowledge is power, so get them a book on crypto and blockchain!

What else? There’s also a whole array of funny T-shirts, novelty gadgets and even jewellery adorned with Bitcoin symbols and slogans related to cryptocurrency trading. Those can also make a cute gift if your giftee is into it.

Ho ho hodl! That’s Christmas Spirit for you!

We hope we helped you make a decision regarding this year’s Crypto Christmas Gift. We wish you - and your giftee! - a happy holiday, and we hope that all the gifts you give and receive this year are just perfect!

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