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When is the Maker Commission charged?

Maker Commision is charged when the user posts a buy or sell offer and it does not find a match instantly but instead goes to the order book. The offer will wait in the order book until other buy or sell offers match it. The table of charges and commissions can be found here.

What does BID mean?

BID is a buy offer visible in the order book. It is obvious that every trader wants to sell currencies as expensive as possible. That’s why at DARB, analogically to the ASK offers, BID offers are sorted from the highest to the lowest.

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Problem: I can’t post any offer.

If you can’t create an offer, you should check if there is an adequate amount of currency in your account.

Problem: I can’t post an Instant offer.

If an Instant offer can’t be created it means that the offer’s amount is larger than the amounts of all the offers in the order book, or the amount intended for the offer is larger than the total amount of currency in the user’s wallet.

Is it possible to edit an already posted offer?

Unfortunately, no. If there is an error in the posted offer or the user posted an offer different than he or she planned before it is not possible to edit that offer. The only solution is to withdraw that offer in case that it hasn’t been finalized yet and putting it on the second time - this time with the correct information.

Is it possible to make trade transactions with yourself?

Yes. Such situations are possible. To counteract them it is advised not to put out buying offers while simultaneously searching for selling offers.

What does SPREAD mean?

SPREAD is the difference between the lowest ASK, which is a sell offer, and the highest BID, which is a buy offer.

What kinds of transactions are available on Cryptostock?

Sell, which means putting your cryptocurrency for sale.

Buy, which means buying cryptocurrency from another user.

Stoplimit, which is placing an order with an activation limit. The order will appear on the exchange only after the activation limit set by the user is reached. The activation limit is the price for a given amount of cryptocurrency set by the user.

Instant, to make such a transaction you have to type in the order book the total amount that you are willing to spend on currencies (in case of buy offers) or the total amount for which you are willing to sell currencies (in case of sell offers). Sell or buy rates will be automatically adjusted to the most profitable offers present in the order book. If there are not enough offers available to match the users offer in the order book, the offer will not be recognized.

Problem: I can’t post an offer after checking the “maker only” option.

If the offer doesn’t fulfill the maker’s requirements (to be realized instantly), it cannot be posted. To post such an offer, you have to adjust the exchange rate in such a way that the offer would not automatically match another offer present in the order book.

What does ASK mean?

ASK is a sell offer visible in the order book. It is obvious that every trader wants to buy currencies as cheap as possible. That is why at DARB ASK offers are sorted from the lowest to the highest. The lowest ASK offer is placed just above the highest BID offer.

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