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Is two-factor authentication (2FA) required at DARB?

Turning on 2FA is not required to register on DARB. However, we encourage users to set up 2FA after their first login because it can significantly increase the safety of using the
exchange. All payments going into the account and all exchange transactions are possible without 2FA but it is necessary during the verification.

How to change a PIN code, a password or an email?

To change the PIN code, click the “Change PIN” button in the “My account” tab.

To change the password when you can’t log in or you forgot your password, click the “Forgotten password” button and follow the instructions.

To attach another e-mail address to the account, you should write directly to DARB with the use of one of three provided forms of communication (e-mail, live chat or a contact form). After a positive verification of your user identity, our workers will manually change the e-mail address in the system.

How to create a safe password?

A password is a key element of your account’s safety. That’s why it has to be strong. At DARB we require a password with at least 8 characters, including at least one capital letter, one number and one special character. The password to the mail account that you used during registration should be different from the password used on the platform.

How does the Trusted Devices function work?

You have to verify your identity after each login from a new device to make sure that you are the person that logged in and not somebody that wants to break into your account. To verify that there is an email with a verification link sent to your email account. You have to click the link to confirm the new trusted device. To delete a device from the list of trusted devices go to Settings→Account→Trusted Devices and click on a cross next to the chosen device.

Is it possible to make use of additional account verification? (2FA)

Yes. The user can activate the additional action verification option if he or she wishes to. It can be turned on after clicking on the “My account” tab. The verification happens with the use of Google Authenticator or by receiving text messages with a code sent to a phone number given during the registration.

When it is possible to set up a PIN code for the account?

A PIN code can be set up after successful verification and registration on the exchange. All options necessary for that can be found in the “My account” tab.

How to change my Anti-Phishing code?

To change your Anti-Phishing code go to Settings→ Account→ Security settings→ Anti-Phishing Code→ Change. Next, you have to authorize your new code with a code received by an email or a text message, in the case that you verified your phone number.