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Users from which countries can use the exchange?

From every country in the World.

What are available funds?

Available funds are your funds that you can use for operations on the exchange.

What are awaiting funds?

Awaiting funds are funds that were paid to you in a transaction by the trading partner but haven’t reached your account yet.

How to verify my account (KYC) ?

Users are not obligated to verify their identity during the registration process. It can be done at a later time. In the verification form users are obligated to provide their personal and address data. To verify your account, you will have to supply a document that confirms your residential address. Having a webcam is also required. The presentation of your identity papers does not take long. To verify your account you can use your ID, passport or a driving licence. The last step of the verification entails sending a scan or an electronic version of a document that will confirm your personal data. It may be a media bill written in the user’s name for a period no sooner than 3 months before the verification of the account. Warning: verification of user’s identity is not required for trading cryptocurrencies.

Is there any age restriction when it comes to playing on the exchange?

Yes. You have to be 18 or older.

Is it possible to generate a transaction history in a PDF file?

Yes. Click the “History” tab and then the “Generate history” button. Transaction history will be sent to the e-mail address given during the registration.

How to create a DARB account?

To create an account you have to click the “Sign up” button and fill out a registration form where you give your e-mail address and a strong password (check how to do this here: How to create a strong password). Accepting the terms of service before you will be able to send your registration form is required. After your registration form is positively reviewed, you will receive an email with an authorization link. You have to click the link to finish the account registration process.

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What are locked funds?

Locked funds are funds that were put up in a particular offer.

Can I cancel an offer?

Yes, you can cancel a selling or buying offer before its full completion. If the offer was realized partially you can withdraw the remaining funds.