Questions and Answers

Underneath you will find the most important of informations regarding the ceasing of Darb Exchange activity. Please contact our helpdesk in case of any additional questions.

  1. Why is Darb ceasing its exchange activity?

    Darb exchange is ceasing its activity due to a system modernization and migration of the system to new markets. We will inform our users about the return of our exchange in the upcoming months.

  2. Can I still trade at Darb?

    No, the trading has been turned off. We canceled all offers and retrieved funds back to our users wallets.

  3. Can I withdraw my funds from the exchange?

    Yes, our users have time to withdraw their funds until 31st of October 2019.

  4. What will happen if I will not manage to withdraw my funds on time?

    If for any reasons you will not manage to withdraw your funds before the end of 31.10.2019 please contact us via email under our email address providing the following details about your account:
    - email address
    - date of registration on Darb
    - telephone number (if provided)
    - support PIN
    - type of currency you want to withdraw and the address to transfer it
    - address from which you have deposited the funds
    - if you managed to complete your KYC process, your KYC documents and a selfie with current date on a piece of paper

    After completing the verification process we will transfer the funds at your appointed address. Please notice that the process will be more time consuming than a standard withdrawal request. That is why we appeal to our users to withdraw their funds earlier!

  5. Will I be able to log into my account after 31.10.2019?

    No, the Darb platform will be available until the end of October. All accounts will be suspended.

  6. What if I did not complete my KYC process? Can I withdraw my funds?

    If you have not exceeded your withdrawal limit, nothing stands in your way to withdraw your funds without KYC. In other instances please contact us under to establish further actions.