Bug bounty
Bug Bounty Program

This is a program aimed at finding possible bugs in the system. The program was created for all, even unregistered, users. Every Darb Finance user can try to find bugs in the system and receive a monetary reward for finding them and giving us the method of the bugs’ reproduction. Bug Bounty also applies in cases where the user manages to break the security - for example, the user is able to withdraw money from another user’s account or circumvent the two-factor authentication. In such cases, the user will be rewarded if Darb Finance is informed about the security break, how it occurred and the nature of the company’s mistake.

Darb Finance puts a lot of emphasis on safety, stability and flawless running of the system, and we are confident that the platform is safe, scalable, break-free, as well as bug-free. However, the creators and the developers are open to any suggestions concerning the safety and functioning of the platform. That is why the Bug Bounty program was created. It is a kind of a challenge for the users and another form of finding possible, unintended and hard to detect bugs.

How does the Bug Bounty program work? Contact us if you find a bug in Darb Finance or circumvent the security. Give us the information about the bug and the method of its reproduction through an e-mail, a contact form or a live chat. We will verify your submission and if it is justified, we will pay you a reward up to $50,000. Important information - the bugs cannot be publicized! If you tell us about a bug without providing the method of its reproduction, you will not be rewarded.